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Divine Walker

Hi, my name is Divine Walker and I am a writer who was born in a bustling city. In the day, I works as an IT specialist in a multinational company. It was an accidental discovery that I begin to realize that writing was my passion all along. I'm best known for writing fiction of the romance and fantasy genre.

I had always been a fan of the romance & fantasy genre. I undertook the writing of this book so that I could share his... mehr anzeigen

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Please, read my new book and add it to your favorite book.
The book is “the inner force”
It is a book about the adventure that was occurred to the boy who lost his mother and his father got married. The woman dealt him with good dealing until she got his father heart. She had the different deal between her children and him. She hurt him so badly and his father didn't know or tried to persuade himself that she was good. She had... mehr anzeigen

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