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Dear Readers:) ,

I have messaged you because you either are my friends on bookrix or you heart-ed one of my books.:) I appreciate it:D

If you haven't realize, I'm not active on bookrix anymore:( Sorry for that. Im just so fed up with bookrix because it keeps deleting my chapters and i have to start all over again. It happened the first time to Stuck in Hell. And I decided to start over and just rewrite. I almost finished the... mehr anzeigen

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thank you so much for adding my book(forced love) to your favorits i will be adding more to it almost every day what do you think will happen next?

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Heyy. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for liking my book, Lucky Break.

More chapters will be uploaded as soon as possible :)

Thanks xx

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Hi! just stopping by to let you know that more of my book "Friends With Benefits" is up. Hope you can check it out soon

-sheva xxx

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