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They should make a Barbie with no hair, so every little girl fighting cancer can feel beautiful. Put her in pink, name her HOPE and send all proceeds from sales to a children's hospital.
Post this if you agree, And I bet you 99% of you won't. ♥

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Gelöschter User

Thanks for accepting my friend request!!

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You're welcome, thank you for the request :)

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Ashon Thadon

you are very gifted definitely have a talent

2 Kommentare

Thank you very much!! Sorry for the really really late reply. I haven't been on here for ages. What a great way to be back and find such a kind note :D

Ashon Thadon

not a problem...

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Ayumi Chizu

Thank you so much for the heart and compliment on my Manga Tomato Head! This manga is a one-shot so there won't be any continuing volumes when i'm done with this book, like most manga's do. But i'm so glad you enjoyed the first part of it, and i'll definitely make sure to tell you when I upload some more. ^-^

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