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Nerdy Precious
Nerdy Precious
Nerdy Precious ist offline.


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heeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gurl

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Nerdy Precious


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nothin much u? and thanks for the fav

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Nerdy Precious

What is left


The day started as a nice and calm day. It didn’t seem like nothing could mess up the blue cloudless sky and sweet breezes that blowed once in a while. The birds chirping and the

kids in the front yard yelling and playing hide and seek. But like my grandmother said to me, before she passed away. “If it too good to be true than it is.”

But, like she said it was too good, ‘cause when I looked away from the... mehr anzeigen

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Hey, thanks for the friend request, I hope we become great friends on here. You should message me sometime!! :D

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Merci for adding me as a friend, ma copain!! But I must warn you, on your own head be it, I'm not exactly what people would register as 'human'...
It'll be fun getting to know ya!!!

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