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Poem called Judged:
They judge you.
They don't know your name.
They don't care they'd treat you the same.
They call you names, they say you're a whore.
They want you dead, why don't they like you more?
You walk down the hall, you cover your arms.
If they could only see what hides are your scars.
You return home you cry, why don't they care?
You pull out a blade, it's suddenly right there.
It's your only friend, it's always there.
You... mehr anzeigen

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Toby Wright

Every trial is there to either beat us , or get beaten . Both options have their fare share of difficulties .
Though when we choose to win over a trial , it creates opportunity , and sure enough another trial .
When the trial wins over us , we only experience the same trial... mehr anzeigen

crimson _blood_

Really good!



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your admirer

Hey, thank you for your warm welcome and I hope to enjoy this site but I don't really know anyone though so it'll take a while.

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We are all friendly here :)

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Gelöschter User

Repost if you've ever...
• Self-harmed
• Skipped a meal
• Looked at yourself in the mirror and said:" Fuck! I hate myself!"
• Felt like just breaking down
• Told anyone to not do any of the above but done it yourself

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