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You have several that grab my attention :) It will be a little before I'll be able to get them though.

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Thank you, Katie. I appreciate that.

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Backwood writer

hi glad to meet you, i hope to read some of your stories , your a beatiful person inside and out keep writing keep smileing
thankks for posting on why you love writing ,in five sentences

hope we can be friend on here, stanley said that,

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I really enjoyed your books I have read Bewitched by a Vixen and Lost in Ecstasy both very good!

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Just read your Bewitched end enjoyed it very much. will look for it in the contest comeing up. would appreciate you reading my, A Desperate Time. URl below should get you there. Have a good day.

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Dieser Kommentar wurde gelöscht.
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Thank you for the add! Looks like you have a lot of talent. Hope that all is going well! (:

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Hi,I got what I was looking for in your book,
I made a note in my notebook
and looking forward to read more,

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The Lady n The Tramp Was A Really Good Read..Look Forward to Reading more from you

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