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Alandra Ossenberg
Alandra Ossenberg
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Alandra Ossenberg
Wichtiger Beitrag
Alandra Ossenberg

Words, words, words (vocabulary, synonyms, names etc.)

How to say "SAY" -->

90 words for "looks" -->

200 words that describe light -->

FALLEN ANGEL NAMES --> ... mehr anzeigen

Lady Knight Say What?! - The Many Faces and Meanings of Said (Requested) First, let me clear up a rumor. Said is not dead. Said is very much alive. It’s a clever little word with an awesome ability - it can...
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Alandra Ossenberg

How Fiction Writers Can Show Emotions in Their Characters in Effective Ways -->

How to write a series: 8 novice mistakes to avoid -->


How Fiction Writers Can Show Emotions in Their Characters in Effective Ways Editor Robin Patchen wraps up our examination of Fatal Flaw: # 6 Show, Don’t Tell. Writers often succumb to this fatal flaw of fiction writing, explaining and telling and summarizing instead …
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Alandra Ossenberg

The Nine Types of Unreliable Narrator -->

How to write conflict -->

Choosing a central conflict of your novel -->

List of Non-sexual forms of intimacy --> ... mehr anzeigen

The Nine Types of Unreliable Narrator I was stunned by the success of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. It was obvious to me that the author was employing the unreliable narrator technique in the story. This came as a shock to many readers...
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