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The deceitful rabbit

It is a book for children and all ages. The book talked about the deceitful rabbit who tried to deceive the others. It shows how was his end was? He imitated that he was ill and he had no power to work. His friends called the doctors. He advised to be exposed to the sun .As the rabbit was fat, he was seen by fox. He planned to kidnap him. He succeeded. The friends of the rabbit called the guard. He was a... mehr anzeigen

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Gelöschter User

who are you? lol

Gelöschter User

fr though, idek who u r


same is the case with me as well..i also don't knw

Gelöschter User

then why send a fr?...

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Apurva Gaglani

Dear Forever
I need some inputs on doctors and the medical fraternity. Your opinions and insights. I am writing the next book on a critics view on doctors in the form of quotes and plan to publish it on bookrix. For any book to be published, I need 2000 words and I have so far written close to 1000 words only.

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my friend its my pleasure if i can help u in this regard

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