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The Humbling Side of Cancer

My story began with the Doctor Oz show. He encouraged anyone on an aspirin regiment to double the 81mg dosage. After watching the show, my husband and I adhered to his advice and doubled our aspirin. As a direct consequence, I discovered blood in my stool a week later…. My journey into vulnerability and humility began.

As a former actress, athlete, professional run way and spokes model, I have... mehr anzeigen

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Ab Bava

Fairness does not matter, the most important thing is smile. And you have that baby

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Well...Still have medical issues, however I am Still alive and ready to "catch up" on BookRix. .....Best wishes to all members and staff.

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Well..., you can't always get what you want...However; you often get what you need! I was moving to Mexico and retire...Something very close to a divine intervention, changed my plans.
Therefore dear film industry friends , I'm still here in Albuquerque (indefinitely) happy ,healthy and ready to pursue my favorite part time employment in as an extra ,background or stand in. (whatever)
I'm still a thespian and seeking speaking roles as well.

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Hip Hip Hip......Hurray ! I'm am now cancer free and presently doing background/extra work on a feature film with Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman!!!! Hopefully after the wrap,selling nearly all of my earthly possessions and finding a buyer for our beautiful home...,I can devote more time for writing and communicating with my loyal friends on bookrix. You Only Have One Life.....Live It !!!

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RELAY FOR LIFE>>>>> (My Sketchers were made for walking)>>>>>>>>>>>2013

We will walk all night!

It’s that time of year again to support the Rio Rancho, NM. Relay for Life, cancer fund raising event. I have attached my published story submitted last year; as a reminder to you exactly why and where I am coming from. In 2011, I was diagnosed with cancer and required removal of a tumor and 1/3 of my colon.

I was only employed... mehr anzeigen
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Hi, I was just going through my books and came across your comment on mt story, The Blood Red Ruby, It was in 2010 so you may have forgotten it, anyway, I was wondering if you had had time to peruse any more of my later works. Thank you, Evelyn/Bluedragon

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To all my current and future friends...,

Thank you for your patience!

I am currently recuperating from a nasty colon tumor,(recently) removed.
As soon as I'm ready to enter the chase...,I will return your kind emails.

Thank you and take care,
Willie Price

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Thank you for your appreciation .You're a very talented writer.

Best regards,

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