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i did your cover and i just wanted to say if there is any problem please just inform me. sorry for the late notice i'm so busy^_^

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hola , I realy love your stories you are a great writter I am happy for being friend with you

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check out this deleted scene from a past book of mine!

{ "Stop or face my wrath." I growl at the vampire. He just laughs.
I unsheath my katana and aim my blow to his heart. This is a date with destiny and it ain't gonna end with a kiss.}

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Thank you for accepting my friend request:)

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<3 ➮ ︀➥ WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?whymylifesucks

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Check out the last line of the group book of mine 'the Past Slayer'!

"Luck,fate,courage....all in my favor.
A candle has been lit and the whole world is waiting for it to be blown out. All I can do is hold my breath. And wait."

J.J Blake

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