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J.C. Laird

Well, Taylor, I just want to thank you for your comments/favorites on "Turn Around When Possible" and "Four Minutes", I sincerely appreciate them. And a little inside info for you: I'm working on turning "Four Minutes" into a full length novel. Right, we'll see how that goes...

Keep up your intelligent and articulate participation in our group discussions, you are certainly a welcome addition!

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Gelöschter User

Coolio, thanks for the request!

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Hey Webbi!
I was about to reply to your message on JV but then saw you had requested a ban and i couldn't really give you the advice there and then.
So, check your bookrix inbox, i'm sure i've put what you need for support :)
Also, yes, i do log in on this site often. When i need to update my novel or add more to the next book.
I know you're Webbi from JV xD we didnt really talk much, i'm sure that can change :)
And welcome to Bookrix!

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