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Speculative Author

The Rules to Line Story (these are subject to change)

1) One line per writer. Use your words wisely. However, if you feel that one line can’t convey what you need to say, then try and narrow it down to no more than two.

2) Read. Do not add a line in the story if you haven’t read the previous lines. ( Continuity and consistency)

3) Wait. If you add a line, then wait for someone else to add a line before you add another. If you... mehr anzeigen

4 Kommentare
Ashon Thadon

can't wait to get started

Gelöschter User

I would love to join ^.^


sounds like fun :)


kk when shall we start??
i've just got a line i want to add with the 1 u did raen

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Speculative Author

For those wondering what this is, we over at Speculative Fiction Authors group started a game of sorts where we try to develop a story line by line.

It works like this, one person writes a line of a story in a thread and the next person writes the next line of the story. You can write however you think the next line might go. We continued adding lines until we had a story, or until the weekend is over, whichever comes... mehr anzeigen


Thanks for adding me, I love your page

Dieser Kommentar wurde gelöscht.
Speculative Author

Thanks Timandra, so glad you like it!

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Speculative Author

Hey Guys!
I have new Line Story Books up, if anyone wants to see how they turned out!
I'm going to get the others done this week or this weekend. Enjoy!

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I love the editing that puts it all together. Still Argh! The ending just leaves you hanging.

Perhaps we need a group to work on the continuing story.

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tejaswini reddy

I hope so, In that case when are you starting one line story? I would like to join you guys.


There is one each week, just click on the Speculative Fiction home page and find the string that announces it, that is where you can participate.

tejaswini reddy

okay thanks.

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