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vamp.wulf.princess ist offline.
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This Vamp.Wulf.Princess is my old account. I would log on and delect it but i can't remember my password to the email i used so until then friend me on my new account. aliceheart

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Hey Its Jayisthebest or Jay lol,
Read my 2 books it'll mean a lot, and if you have any....advice plz feel forward to tell me :)

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Hello! I'm sorry that I never updated The Supernatural Royal Pain in the Butt! I havent been on BookRix in the longest time.

But I can't tell you how much it means to me that you read my story and that you liked it! You even gave a heart! < xxx3

I came to tell you that you can find a more revised and edited version of my story of Wattpad! Here's the link!

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thanks for the heart on "The Curse - touch of eternity" :)
I am glad, that you liked Payton and Sam.
It would help me, if you would tell your friends that there is a book worth to read :)


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