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Wichtiger Beitrag
James white

Birthday night 26.01.2019

There were all kinds of Subterainians,
At this poet party, Cuba with his
Extroverted self-love, Nadine the naive
Muse, as well as the scale player
Uwe and further,

We smoked pot, heard Bob Marley,
Flowerpornoes or The Doors; Yes
what can one say, still give and nibble,
Until the evening flowed into the night and us
The MASCHNIERIE of the night captured,

With her Dianic face; they were hilarious
And amused about... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag
James white

for the beginning of our friendship I have a poem / song for you, I`m also a musician, look at my site, there are links to my homepage, music and furthers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The artificial World

Time runs
Inside the melting pot
Interrupted minds
Smell away
Time is thinking
In human being
See eyes
In the artificial World

Reality minds
Become artificial minds
To artificial reality
Are the witness
Of illusions

Little girl and boy
Time... mehr anzeigen

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James white

deep thoughts are the wisdom of a poet, thanks

greetings James

Wichtiger Beitrag
Gelöschter User

So happy for ya hun \(#^-^#)/\(#^-^#)/

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Gelöschter User

Miss u


u2 luv

Gelöschter User

Happy new year Elle
Wish u all amazing wishes
Luv u 2

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