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Drama llama
Drama llama
Drama llama ist offline.
Wichtiger Beitrag

Think I'm going to be cringey now XD sooo:

Shout out to the girl who always has my back. Just want to say thanks for everything and that I love you babes. You have been a great friend and you are constantly pushing me to fight to keep going. You make me smile and laugh when I need it. You are my crazy murder partner, the psycho who flips out on anyone that does me wrong, you're one of my best friends. I know I can be a handful... mehr anzeigen

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Drama llama

I love you <3

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Drama llama

You need to paint your future red,
Carve the path with your own blood,
Colorful; she demanded,
Take the brush,
Stick it through your veins,
Paint a smile on your tear-stained canvas,
Crush your own throat,
Watch as the dust slipping through your fingers shapes hope,
Push away your arms,
Don't let them near your gut,
It'll twist; intertwining with the flicker of a soul left,
Just keep painting,
Blood spilling from your eyes,
Just... mehr anzeigen

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Drama llama

It's the fireflies you haunt what matters the most,
Chasing flickers; falling,
It's hope that sparked through the haunted graves of his eyes;
But you won't admit it,
That hope wasn't flagged through your haunted wilderness of a mind,
Instead, it was engraved for that pink, bubbly giggle,
The difference noticeable;
But you won't admit it,

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Drama llama

Gray; But isn't it what accompanies sunrise ?
Black; But isn't it what perfectly describes hope?
You; But isn't that what scares me the most?
It's never ending,
The branches coiling,
Your mind slithering,
Stay, she asks,
I'll hurt you, she promises,
A poem; But isn't that what her ropes sculptures her into?
Just hold her, hurt her, leave her, love her,
Violet; But isn't that what fits you ?
Never carve the scars; When engraved,... mehr anzeigen

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Drama llama

Don't forget to cry yourself to sleep,
Put up your walls and hide the blood,
Stains coverd hearts; Ashes covered shelves;
Red masked hearts;
Put out the fire, inhale the smoke.
Smother your soul in darkness;
Let go-Don't let go,
It's you being engulfed; by the hatred within your veins
But don't you like it ? Forcing your way through unlikeness.
Lay; let it engulf you; let the humming drown you out;
And you who sang along, shall... mehr anzeigen

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Gelöschter User

This is my favorite poem ever.

Drama llama

I'm actually flattered, Thank you.

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Drama llama

Maybe it's you he hates,
Or the hatred etched on your blades,
Maybe it's the starless-sky you gaze,
Ashes fallen,
Pride fallen,
Destiny engraved,
Maybe it's that swirl in the bottom of the dustbin,
It's that color that resembles hatred,
Yet sparked with love and passion,
It's you he hates,
You he needs,
You he urges to hurt,
The snake inside slithering,
Guts out ; it calls
The snake inside slithering,
Lie down ; it calls
Maybe... mehr anzeigen

2 Kommentare

Wow... powerful writing, and nice

Drama llama

Thank you,

Wichtiger Beitrag
Drama llama

It's your scars that drape so low,
Along with your pieces of mind,
Your wilderness in it's full glory,
Just barely scraps, but pieces of art
And you, who found it,
Shall long live on the remains;
Stroll between the hazy branches and blurry spines,
"Let go, but how can you exist"
"Don't let go, but how can you escape"
All hail to the remains.

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He's still messaging me

Drama llama

Ignore, and Block. doesn't deserve a reply, you know it, I know it



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Drama llama

“It was late December, I think. Being in such a situation, losing track of time is a major understand-ability. It’s you, what I don’t understand. Did the angels of oblivion miss you? Forgot to place their finger on your lips? Is that why you know everything? Is that why you’re such an expert on me? If not, then what? It’s me, isn’t it? I missed the signs, didn’t I?
I don’t care. I really don’t, I just want you back. Please,... mehr anzeigen

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