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Hi John,
I just read Owen , it was good and i really wanted to read more of it, wish it were longer and had ended in a more conclusive way. :)

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Thank for checking out Owen. It was incomplete as I entered it into a contest that required it be unfinished. I have tried several times to finish it, but it never worked like I wanted it to.

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hi My name is.Monica ,
nice to meet you please

contact me here i have something to Share

with you or you can give me your
mail to contact you please

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an ocean view update....plse read let me know what you think plse thank you frm Giselle

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I can see that you are very passionate about your opinion.
In point of fact, I agree with your opinion on Obama.
I just thought it would be better not to put it in the group you put it in, as it caused some undue controversy.
Controversy is sometimes a good thing, even among friends, but I like to see it kept to a forum that caters to those who really want to deal with those matters, and won't get their feelings hurt if you do... mehr anzeigen

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SexyWolfChick is a FAKE author of "I Found My Mate At Walmart (A Twilight FanFic")" with NO ORIGINAL IMAGINATION!!!

She even copied mama4dukes story summary!!!! This story is WORD for WORD the same as the original!!! I have been in contact with the original author and she is seriously heartbroken to find her story has been stolen.

I have been reading the ORIGINAL story on FANFICTION.net since it came out in MARCH... mehr anzeigen

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Thanks for the comment on one of the 3 poems I have posted into the newest contest. Glad u liked it.

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How are you? I saw your message in the forums. I'm sorry you feel that those in the Top Ten don't belong there. However, I wanted to tell you that I am a big fan of your work. Like you, I enjoy scary stories and mysteries. Lol!

I think you are an excellent writer. Your stories are exceptional! I read, enjoyed and voted for your Flash Fiction entry. I have also voted for you in the Trashy Tabloid contest. Your entry was my... mehr anzeigen

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antim abhay

hi ,
yhnx 4 becoming my friend when i was living in emptiness
ill prey to god that our friendship never ends
your dear bookrix mate

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