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Hey i in need for ur howl series please update it i really m in need of this beautiful book really it damn beautiful. u r an execllent writer please complete ur series .......................please i request sry actually it have to order ( no offense just kidding but i m waiting )

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hey the howl series is so good!!!write more... your one talented writer

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The Howl Series is awesome, I think that the vampire/werewolf hybrid thing is really cool, I'm working on a series myself called, "Just another day in highschool" which is also based on a vampire/werewolf hybrid, I just started the first book, it's called "The Change" I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some feedback from you about it. I'm new as a writer and I'm trying to find people who get the werewolf/vampire... mehr anzeigen

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Hey guys impotent notice my computer decided to act up and my book wicked heart had a few chapters missing so I have updated and changed it to broken mirror hope you guys like it I will put it up in a couple of days to see what the beginning is like completed then will start with the next chapters

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please write more i will love to see what happen to the vampiresand werewolf.i will love to if she end up with kale.

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