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Miss you old friend hope all is fine. And I hope one day I can catch you online. I hope all is fine.

Sincerely AMJ

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i was wondering if u wud mind reading my book and commenting on it? it is a trial and error thing and also my first attempt at a story. anything at all would be really helpful!!!
thanks a bunch

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luv ur quote, im sooo sayin tht 2 ma friends! p.s u f-in hot!

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I'll try to muster up the words to describe what I am feeling.

Alex, I have never been through what you've described in your poems.. Bunt once I read them, I fee like I'm going through those things. I think you get the point across brilliantly. And to let people into you world is amazing. Keep your head held high through everything you go through okay? Don't let one thing get to you to much, even if it may be incredibly hard,... mehr anzeigen

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dude i'v smashed through hell...i'm just busting through the layers underneath while the devil looks at the hole in hell with his mouth wide open thinking "Someone's worse than me?!"

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LOl MAN I love your quote I think imma tell my friends that they would probrolly belive me though lol :)

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hey i love your books, and i know how you feel, not fitting in and all that. I know what its like. But let me tell you something THEY are the ones who dont fit in. How do you know that they're not the ones who are weird and we're normal. F*CK THEM

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