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Below me is the post I made one year earlier to celebrate your day of birth



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:O Today is your birthday! THE DAY WHEN YOU WERE BORN!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! *birthdaysuperrammyhug*

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Queen Tex; Ireland

Thank you verah much. I would have said thank you for it yesterday but our power went out at like.... 7 in the morning.... yesterday... it's still out.... I'm at someone else's house..... YUSSSSSS!!!!!!! But thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:O power! Bad power! DX

But you're on now! And you're welcome!!! *glomp*

Queen Tex; Ireland

....*mega glomp*

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Merci for the heart ma copain!!
What did you think???
HAave a fav part or character???
Any criticism?? Its always good to hear negative and positive feed back. :3
Thanks again.

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HEYLLO!!!!!! I'm Rain, I love your book "Fire"!!!! well.....um....got any Marshmallows? Yah I'm weird....Urgh! now I feel like I'm talking to my self... Ok more like typing to myself (I would say "If that makes any sense, BUUUUT I stopped caring about making any sense what so ever a looooooooooooooooong time ago :P ) anyway.......Hi.....

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