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Thanks for the note. The second book in the series is almost complete. I'll post it in a couple of weeks. The third book won't be out until this fall.


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Haven't heard from you in a few days. What project are you working on? I don't know if you've noticed, but I have put a book review on the Writer's Chat. It can be a book or a few pages.

Just me Roger

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It has been a long time.what you writing or doing now. I check in to Boris on occasion. Not sure I know my way around here anymore. My email

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Thank you for the comment on my book! :) And in return I will read one of yours. And I love your background by the way. :) But thanks again! :)


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Thank you for the friend request and yes I will check out your book, I will post or comment what I think after I have read it.



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Sorry to answer so late. I've just started to look at BookRix again. What I like to read is on my profile. I am here mostly to read. I have just started to write seriously, but I will publish all my writings on I do not believe there is much of an interest here for what I will write on BookRix.

I am currently working on a trilogy of my time in Vietnam as an infantry Squad Leader with the 1st Marine Division. I will... mehr anzeigen

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Thanks for the comment and advice! I love constructive criticism :) and I will stay away from the weirdo's haha

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