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Hi please could you read my book- born to die? If you like it, i would appreciate it if you would vote it for the competition too :)thank you, chloe x

Wichtiger Beitrag

no kidding! T.T I'm trying so hard not to start a new book and just finish blood red dress. :( Running out of ideas

Wichtiger Beitrag

lol haaai

omg vicki when r u coming? its 11:30 alrdy i've been waiting for more dan an hour. lol XD

Wichtiger Beitrag

i know! it's so much harder to get writing done in the summer when there is so much more to do outside!

let me know when you update though, i want to read more!

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i like the beginning of your new story.
also, i cried so hard when i read "where the red fern grows"...saddest book ever.

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