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Hello, I just wanted to tell you that your novels are very impressive, and I can't wait to read the rest of them as they come out :)

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Hello everyone,
My second novel, "Warrior of the Witch Clan" was released last month and I'm currently trying to hustle to get "Witch Clan: Dark Heritage" finished and released by Spring 2010 if at all possible. I won't be reading much of anyone else's work for a while now until I'm done writing this book. I appreciate the emails and the invites to read your works. I've *really* had some very pleasant surprises in the kinds... mehr anzeigen

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Hi stormm,

Congratulations again to you prize! Can you provide us with your address and we will mail you the Sony Ereader.

Unfortunatelly you accepts only messages of your friends. So I try to contact you this way.

Your BookRix

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Thanks for the Sony Ereader. It'll be nice to get some of my books as ebooks for a while.
As for other pagan writers: We don't have nearly enough of us writing good stuff. The flights of fancy and fantasy are wonderful, but somewhere in the core of our stories, we need to show the world more of the truth about who we are and how we live. We have centuries of demonization to undo and we might as well be entertaining in the educating.

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Sulheya Stormm!

Greetings from one Pagan Writer to another. Your Witch Can books are amazing, it gave me more incentive to get my stuff out there!

Never can have too many, now can we?


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Have you noticed the new writing contest? Perhaps you like to participate again?
Do the long days and bright sun inspire you to write? We want to see your passion translate to a Bookrix book! Turn your wordsmith powers into positive cash flow. Enter the Second Bookrix Writing Competition with a short story you have already published on Bookrix, or create a completely new BookRix book!
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My first, full length novel of my Witch Clan Series, "Matriarch of the Witch Clan" has just been published in E-Book formats, Paperback and soon to come in Audio Book as well.

It's available at, Barnes & Nobles, Borders Books and just about anywhere books are sold. The sequel, "Warrior of the Witch Clan" will be hitting print later on this year. The... mehr anzeigen

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