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Thanks for accepting my fr! :D

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Nina Kari

Hey, I've updated Forbidden Fantasy again, take a look. The entire story is up now

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hi im glad you like my story black rose. im
trying to get connected with as many fans as
possible. for some reason i cannot upload the
couple of chapters on bookrix. so i have switched
to https://www.wattpad.com because a friend of mines
told me it was so much better and i agree. i can
be more connected to fans on that website (which
i want) and i can upload pictures of what the
characters look like, you as a fan can write
a comment... mehr anzeigen

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Hmmmmmmmmm What to say what to say...............
HIIIIIII:)))))))) love your stories, ANDyour 'philosophy'

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Thank you for reading my book, Glassy-Eyed Girl. Thanks for the comment. I'm really thankful and happy. :]

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