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Letters to A Nobody and Transparent were both updated recently so go ahead and check them out! And don't forget to follow my twitter and Instagram accounts for update information as its hard to update everyone if they're not my friends on bookrix. The first 15 people to follow both accounts and send me a message saying you did will get a personal evaluation from me for any book you'd like me to read of yours and a follow... mehr anzeigen

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Hey everyone! Please check out my new twitter/instagram accounts for updates, news, info, covers you send me, etc. and if you just wanna connect and talk to me!

Twitter/IG: soccerluv_4

Love you guys so much!

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Books R Amazing

Hey Soccerluv4! I absolutely love your books. I love your plots and I cannot wait for you to write a new book! As a fellow writer, I understand that you would want your books to be perfect. I happened to stumble upon an inexpensive, quality editor when I was surfing the web the other day! Here's the link.
I hope this helps!

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Fhem Butterfly

Among the books I have ever read, this is my first time reading a book that made me cry ever. It seems like I am watching a movie and when Arianna got beaten by his father, that made me cry a river. You really do have a talent. I like the book entitled My Rejected Heart.

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