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From a distance you see
The petals and colors
But when you look closer you see
That it is soft and delicate
It thrives in the light
And shrivels in dark
It is prettier with others
But meaningful by itself
It looks beautiful with space
But nearby you note flaws
Sparkling on top
But deep down
At the bottom
It is prickly and pushes people away
But you know what they say
Every rose has it’s thorns


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what's wrong with this site? it used to be such a happy and thriving community full of inspirational people, and now it's only full of spammers and jerks. guys, instead of using this as place to create drama or try to publicize things besides books, let's use it as a site to get feedback on our books from friends. who's with me? follow the path!

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This is another song I wrote with the help of I'mFiguringItOut, and I was the other composer of Don't Forget Me. NOT FINISHED YET. Also, I never told you guys, but I like writing songs. They aren't too great, but it's fun. ^.^

When the words flow,
And the tears flow,
And you're not sure where to go,

Just keep holding on,
Until all your fears are gone,
And the light may bright your eyes,
And you just might, might survive,
And... mehr anzeigen

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the sooner we think about our lives that we had with someone .... the sooner we realize that there is no longer more to life without them.
We always take for granted the time we spent with this special someone ... but at some point, it was lost on the road of memories spent together with your loved one .....

So touching, Lime!

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чем раньше мы думаем о нашей жизни, что у нас было с кем-то .... тем быстрее мы понимаем, что там больше не больше к жизни без них.
Мы всегда принимаем как должное время, которое мы провели с этим специальным кто-то ... но в какой-то момент, он был потерян на дороге воспоминаний, проведенные вместе с любимым человеком .....

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