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Welcome to BookRix, wish you the best here.

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The Twister

Hey!! I hope that you'll be able to check out my book, it's called Complicated love and I would very much appreciate it if you would check it out and give some negative and positive feedback that would help me to make my book more interesting and what I could edit about it XD so please check it out ^.^ and I hope that you'll enjoy it
So yeah! Please do check it out, it... mehr anzeigen

Complicated Love. Would you fall for an Asshole? Love can happen when you least expect it... thats why love is such a bitch! Consider Lena's view of the people in Trinity Academy. Her first day wasn't such a good start as she got into a fight and was then placed in the same class with the girl's "current" boyfr...
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Thanks for the FR

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When no one cares for you and when you see around you no one is there.

When there are situations like where no one helps you, even slaps you or claps on your pains, makes fun of your feelings and of your problems.

When peace has already gone, it seems that you are alone in this whole world. Just to suffer! Suffer! And just to suffer!

When you’re crying, your hopes are dying and people are laughing at you. You are in puzzle.... mehr anzeigen

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