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thanks 4 the comment, im glad u liked it :)
did ya hve a fav prt?????? :) il let ya no wen i update :)

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I noticed your question and I have a response. You can find contests under the "Contests & More" button up top. They show you on-going contests and ones that have just finished.

Also I would like to not that "Robbed By Greed" is correct. Once you find the contest you want to enter you have to make a story. It cannot be one that has already been on BookRix, it has to be one freshly made. Once you get the hang of it... mehr anzeigen

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Yes, it's a bit confusing to navigate the website, but you'll figure it out. I'm still new, so I'm still figuring some stuff out too.
Here's a tip thought : You have to create a book to enter a contest. You find the contest, then go and create a book, writing your entry in the book and publishing it so that everyone can see it. Then you go to the contest page again and enter the book you've written for the contest.
That's... mehr anzeigen

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