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Pedro Dias Vicente
Pedro Dias Vicente
Pedro Dias Vicente ist offline.


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Pedro Dias Vicente

Blue : you're so kind
Red : I love you
Yellow : I have a crush on you
Pink : I wanna hug you
Purple : you're awesome
Green : ............Sex ?:D
Orange : ........Friends?;)
White : Let's chat in privately.....
Grey : Let's have a relationship......
Black : go to sleep

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Ancaniera 16

Hallo Pedro, do you speak Englisch ? Greatings from Ankaniera 16

Ancaniera 16

Wow, that sounds very very good. Maybe it is not easy for everybody to understand. I understand! My first book is a true story about a young beautiful girl who had an accident at the age of 16. She always believe in god and that one day she would be healthy. Yes so it happens.... mehr anzeigen

Pedro Dias Vicente

Yes, maybe. And for me it's nice to write in english because I took lessons since my 7 years old. Although Portuguese, always listening, always reading, since my 12 years I dont read the subtitles. Sometimes for foreign is hard.

Can you tell me which book is?

Ancaniera 16

I also start with Englisch in my school when I was 7 years old. I loved this language so much. Over eight years I had to learn it school. Je parle aussi a petit francais.
Yes I can tell you the name of my book. "Vom Krüppel zum Heiler Teil 1" from Saja Koch. Maybe you will have... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

Du magst Fantasie? Liebesgeschichten mit Verzweiflung, Angst und Leidenschaft? Dann guck doch einfach einmal in eines meiner Bücher rein :) Magst du es nicht? dann ignoriere den Post einfach :)
Mein weitestes Buch ist:
Der klappentext:
Erst musste ich zu meiner Mum ziehen, die mich eigentlich hasste. Und dann zogen wir auch noch zu ihrem Lover! Es... mehr anzeigen

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Gelöschter User

Thanks for the acceptance my old friend :)

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Gelöschter User
Boys Club This group is purely for males no female is allowed, we boys are going to talk about what boys do, what we like, love, care, and not care, not like nor love. WE OWN THIS GROUP AND WE OWN THE NIGHT, it's a moive title. So come on boys and lets shake this club. bring whatever you like and want, let PARTY. Hahaha,
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Gelöschter User

No problem. join it.

Pedro Dias Vicente

I done it now.

Gelöschter User


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