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(●⁰౪⁰●) ︀➸ WWW.INTIMCONTACT.COM?-shexyauthors

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are yu going to finish "Monsters Next Door"? if yu add more please let me knw! thanks!

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mf Harris


First, I want to say that I now understand how I was put as moderator and admin. lol And I also want to say thankyou! I am honored that you appointed me. I hope you are able to return to bookrix soon. You will be missed! I know it couldn't have been easy to resign from the group you created but I am honored you nominated me. I will keep up with it and the members to make sure it is taken care of and the... mehr anzeigen

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Chapter 11 of my book "MIDNIGHT HEART SERIES- TORN" is now finish.
It's been a while since ive written again so the chapter might be a little dull at times, and the grammer might be worse lol. but im hoping i get better at it all as the book continues. hope you enjoy.


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hey could you read my story Guardian Angel. i want to get someones opinion of it. i read kidnaped and monster next door. they were both pretty good and i want to read the rest of monster next door.

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