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Thanks for the friend request! Don't forget to check out Mandatory Love! Updates coming soon!

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I want to Time Square and I'm heading back in about a week or so. Last time I was there I had so much fun and I went live and got about a thousand and some people watching me and it was amazing. I would mind going again and this time with all my family and my dads friends family. I would be amazing I got to see someone famous there and OMG I saw where they made friends and spider-man homecoming and Seinfeld and more it was... mehr anzeigen

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Thank you for adding my book to your favorites! ^0^

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I haven't been on because school is almost over in like a week. I have been doing fine and have writers block and it totally sucks. I will being going to New York this summer and many more places on the way. My life has been great but this writers block is really getting to me but im trying guys. I really am. I love you all and hope to see you guys soon. If any of you are from New York then text me and we can talk. I plan on... mehr anzeigen

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Thank you so much for adding my book 'My Horrible Life' to your favorites!

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