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Hi Scott

I have a story, Beam Down Scotty, I would really like to have your read on. I am thinking about a collection of fantasy stories such as this. I have about another 20 of a similar nature in the mill. Your honest opinion, and any comments you might have on market potential as well.

URL that should take you to Beam Down

Thanks for any time you can give.... mehr anzeigen

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Nice to meet you too! The novel is going along quite nicely, so far, no cases of writer's block yet (: How are you?

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I did post the story, just go on my profile and it's under my books.

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Gelöschter User

very funny. i just been re ading and playing modern warfare 2

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Gelöschter User

its been good. you?

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hi how is you 4 going i have cook outs to go to sunday and monday had to work to day but i do have sunday up to wednesday off i got to go talk to you soon by

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