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A poem for all to help with a loss

"Im Going Home"

Lord thank you for this life,
As I have lived a full life,
It was not always as I would have like,
But I lived it to the best of what I could,
Im going home; Home to the place I want to be,
Im going home to Jesus where He waits for me,
I have been a long weary believer,
As Ive been away to long,
I now know what Ive been searching for,
As He's been there in me all along,
Im going home;... mehr anzeigen

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My name is Miss Armela, I pray that this letter meets you well,though we never meet or seen each other before, but I believe that nature has a way of bringing people together for specific purposes.(miss.armela
If you need a friend Email me back

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Ashley Berrett

thank you for friending me I am just wondering if you would check my book and leave me feedback

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When we received the Lord Jesus into our life, he is the Seed of life, and like a seed planted in the ground he is the seed of life planted in us, and like a seed we nurture it and cultivate it, and give it time to grow and do all we can to help it grow to produce fruit. This is the same way when we accept Jesus into our life, we nurture it cultivate it, and allow it time to... mehr anzeigen

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H.J. White * Henny Lou * Willow Hart


darf ich Dir mein Buch Seelenteil. Folge 1 ans Herz legen. Würde mich sehr über einen Kommentar dazu freuen.

LG Heike

Seelenteil. Folge 1 Hannah Fromm lernt unfreiwillig Den gut aussehenden, Aber Unter Mordverdacht stehenden Adam Strecker Kennen. Entgegen aller Vernunft WIRD SIE Fühlt Sich zu IHM hingezogen. Ein dunkles Geheimnis wir ...
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Gelöschter User

Du magst Bücher? Oder liest gerne? Du schreibst vllt. sogar selbst Geschichten?
Wirf doch mal einen Blick auf meinen Blog. Ich freue mich über jeden neuen Follower! :)
xoxo♥ Novi

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Thank you for the friend request :)

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It's always good to have friends no matter where you are in life

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