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Duchess Revolts

Thank you for the heart of Daylight. If you like vampire stories check out my book Blood Shadow, I am currently re-doing it but there are a coupe chapters up.
Please check into Niamhmolly's stories too since she is co-writing Daylight with me.

4 Kommentare

Have we really known each other for nine months??? Whoa...

Duchess Revolts

I think its been longer, but idk how to find out for sure


Still, it's weird, right??? Blimey, and all down to Daylight. Gotta love it

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Hey I like your book WTF i was rolling my ass off the whole time, I just recently put up a book called Territory: Zombie, I would like it if you read it and then give me your idea about it

Wichtiger Beitrag

Oh my gursh nursh!!!!! I love your books!!! Oh and by the way....

You are my new best friend :D

If ya wanna be.. :P Ur funny btw

Wichtiger Beitrag

i created my first book its called mermaids of the deep. my book is retarded though >.<

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