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This is a request from those whom read my Element Girls books, 1 and 2 because I don't know how to continue the second book of the series.

Here is a little review for those who are interested in helping me (if you are not then please ignore this message):

After they teleported on Wiearth, the four witches (Oana, Laura, Helena and Michaela) are sent by Petra the Oracle to 4 nations acording to their natural elements. During... mehr anzeigen

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Thanks to my best friend/sister-from-another -mother, Georgiana (aka nikyangelg on this site) I don't have to rely on google translate anymore, because we all know that it doesn't work very well.

Therefore if you want to translate a phrase or get help to communicate with someone who doesn't speak English or your native language, use this site called REVERSO.

The link to this online dictionary is this:

... mehr anzeigen

Dictionary, translation, definition | English, Spanish, German... | Reverso Reverso online dictionaries: search amongst hundreds of thousands of words and expressions in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and synonyms dictionaries
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------♥♥------Put This
---♥♥---♥♥---On Your
---♥♥---♥♥---Page If
---♥♥---♥♥---Thank you.

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We became friends so time ago and I realized, I hadn't read any of your work when I went through my friends list, so today I'm checking you out!

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Hey, could you do me a huge favor and check out my latest book on my new account! Its called Her Secrets and its coming along. I don't have too much yet but I'd love to hear what you think.

Here's the link;


Her Secrets Samantha, a bright girl running from her past, just happened to bump into Adam. She tried to stay away. She tried to start over, but her scars will not fade. Desperately trying to find an escape fr...
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Gelöschter User

awwwhh how come i cant download your books?
Anisa xx

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Because I forbid it. If you want to read my books that is fine but I don't want them to be downloaded by anyone for safety motives. Someone might edit them and make into their books.
Stealing is easier on the internet, therefore I'm extra careful. Hope you'll understand.

Gelöschter User

okay thanks :D its cuz i wanted to download them for my phone's ebook reader no worries
Anisa xx

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Gelöschter User

Here's a new myth for you: The Lavender Town Syndrome. It's over the music from a location in one of the old Pokémon games, and it's reported to be the cause of mass suicides in Japan. I listened to the original music myself, and it hurts like hell!

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Sofia Matei

Seriooooooooooooos acum, vreau si eu sa pun videoclipuri pe pagina mea. Deci please explica-mi ca unui analfabet cum faci chestia asta.

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