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Hello. ︀How ︀are ︀you? ︀I ︀need ︀a ︀friend, ︀open ︀link ︀>>>>> WWW.INTIMCONTACT.COM?-rachelm1123

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Hi you wanted to know when I was writing more on my book Dawn so I've updated it and if you would like I'll keep you updated on my book.

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hi im glad you like my story black rose. im
trying to get connected with as many fans as
possible. for some reason i cannot upload the
couple of chapters on bookrix. so i have switched
to https://www.wattpad.com because a friend of mines
told me it was so much better and i agree. i can
be more connected to fans on that website (which
i want) and i can upload pictures of what the
characters look like, you as a fan can write
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Thanks for the comment on my book Born or Bitten. I will be writing a sequel as soon as I finish the book I'm writing now To Roll the Dice. I'm having a bit of writer's block with it. So maybe if you have some free time maybe you could read it and give me your thought's? I would really appreciate it. Again thanks for the comment! :)

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thnx 4 saving go ahead, try to change who i am! 2 ur favs. it means a lot 2 me <3

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thanks for adding my book to your favourites. Seems ages ago and I'm sorry :/ The story is being edited right now to improve it. I'm putting them into chapters. So some of the story that you read might be missing right now. I'll tell you when all the chapters are back =)

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Just dropping by to say that Renesmee has been updated.
Hope you'll run by and read it.
Merry Late Christmas! :)


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Hey thanks for the hearts on my book! i'm glad you liked it. I'll make sure to keep you updated. Thanks

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J. Grey

Hi hi just wanted to say thanks for the heart on Seeing The Scars Beneath. Keep checking back for updates!

have a great night

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