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Hey if you are still active I would like to talk to you about joining an exercise for a few writers.

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James Apollon White

Birthday night 26.01.2019

There were all kinds of Subterainians,
At this poet party, Cuba with his
Extroverted self-love, Nadine the naive
Muse, as well as the scale player
Uwe and further,

We smoked pot, heard Bob Marley,
Flowerpornoes or The Doors; Yes
what can one say, still give and nibble,
Until the evening flowed into the night and us
The MASCHNIERIE of the night captured,

With her Dianic face; they were hilarious
And amused about... mehr anzeigen

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James Apollon White

Ancient sun

early in the ancient space

There was an antic love
down under the greek sun

We played and spy together
We played games of young love
We was together two

early was that years
filled with passions and dreams
brown eyes looking in blue

we played and spy together
we played games of young love
we was together two

eyes brown bright
in the ancient sunlight
under the greek sun
without good bye and anyone

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quite enticing the thought of a lizard woman; are you quick like a geccko ; i love them . I have seen them in Sicily.

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I love them too..


Be Like Smoke could be an American First Nation name; see my story Bright Shining Woman.

A good name for a huntress t would probably be Moves like Smoke;

Be like Smoke is what your hunting teacher would say ; to avoid detection Be Like Smoke ; or an admonition from the... mehr anzeigen

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James Apollon White

High B. L. Smoke (how did you came to this pseudonym.............

here a song from me, because I`m also a musician,

It`s also a poem from me, do you liked it, critics please............have fun!

Lizard woman

love is a oceon free to be

now you can see

over winds you fly away

plunge the love a new discover

lizard woman with your insect eyes

with your wild surprise

hot daughter of silence

give me your venom

you are simply my compation

to... mehr anzeigen

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Gelöschter User


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Its been seven days since I started this account..n its been a crazy journey..i love all u guys who have talked to me..sent me request or accepted it..Thank you all!!
u hv made it so easy for me, welcoming me with open arms.. XD

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I’ll be coming to Mumbai next week:p

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James Apollon White

high B. L. Smoke,

I want to put that to your heart, get yourself the poembook from Jim Morrison: The Lords and the new Creatures................He was a big singer in the psycadelic Band The Doors (of perception/ Aldous Huxley) and a Poet with very deep thoughts. this was in the sixties of the 20 century, a very progressive time for all kinds of Art.................and when you have more desire for this band, then hear the... mehr anzeigen

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Well Thanks James :)

James Apollon White

only for example the rest is your choice...have fun with the words growing up in your mind to release them...........................

gr. james the insane poet of mind

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