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Hey Caylee, join our group Dads and Daughters so we can talk about the fun things we do with our dads!

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You are such a good poet!!! Writing is LIFE, so forget about depression and do it for you and people like me that appreciate your thoughts and words. Please!!

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Lately I feel so alone
Don't even know why I have a phone
Nobody hits me up and I'm stuck
Never had someone that I could call my, own

It's lonely walking down this, road
Fake friends that I didn't have to, know
The same ones that fucked me over and whenever I need them
And I turn around they just turn ghost

I feel I'm at an all-time low
I am depressed and it hurts me to know
My ex is happy and I can't seem to cope
She's ignoring every... mehr anzeigen

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Use your art to channel your emotions......I use poetry to channel mine....We live in a matrix controlled by the elites.....The source is within...Take care, Danny...

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I'm done feeling worthless, imperfect
You hit me where it hurts
You put the blade right on my wrist
And slit until it spurts out blood, red, dead

That's just how I'm feeling
You tell me that you love me

But there you go leaving, why you so surprised?
You're a demon in disguise
These past two weeks all I been doing is crying
Tired of putting all my effort, but never receiving
You tell me I'm a piece of shit and that I really feel it

I'm... mehr anzeigen

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Amazing writing......You should put your thoughts in a e-book.....Take care, Danny...

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Don't you just hate it when people bring up your past in argument?

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i really hate it especially when my mom brings it up

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