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Ermy Elisabeth
Ermy Elisabeth
Ermy Elisabeth ist offline.
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Oh goodness I didn't see all the comments on my notification page. Thank you for the feedback on my other two books! I truly appreciate it! :) Stay tuned.

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Gelöschter User

Thank you for adding The Queen of Rogues to your favorites!

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Abby Grace

Thank you for adding my book "Heart Broken" to ur favorites.. :)

2 Kommentare
Ermy Elisabeth

You should continue your writing. Nice story and waiting for the updates .

Abby Grace

Yeah.. That sounds good to my ears...I'm thinking about updating every alternate day :)

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L. Avery Brown

Thank you for adding Covet Not Thy Brother's Wife: Temptation of the Flesh to your favorites. I do hope you enjoy and that when you're done - you'll be ready to read part 2, Seduction of the Soul

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