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Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear ist offline.
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Freddy Fazbear

*to the tune of the music box song*
Guess who's behind you,
standing by the door…
Eyes glowing white,
low hanging jaw…
A heavy suit I carry in
my hand,
I hope that you'll understand;

As we've veen so lonely
here, waiting for a friend…
You will stay until the end…

Wide eyed, you're screaming
what did we do wrong?!
Stay still, my friend.
This won't take long.

Frail bones break under
pressure, so we heard.
Mind you head cause,
this could... mehr anzeigen

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Wichtiger Beitrag
Freddy Fazbear

Im tired of being a bear I'm tired of being a male bear I'm tired of my son I'm tired of making the ladies drop I want a sex change but I can't get one for 2 reasons 1 company insurance won't cover it and 2 i am a robot I just tricked you woot woot

3 Kommentare
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