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hi My name is.Monica ,
nice to meet you please

contact me here i have something to Share

with you or you can give me your
mail to contact you please

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The Silver Witch

hey peacedance :) im th writer who was writing Wolf cry i forgot my password for that account and now im freyfrey :) im going to start it again d beter this time plz read it i also have another book called two wolves and a witch heres the blurb :)

When 18 year old Alex Copperfield's plane goes down in the sea on her way to India, Alex and her mum are washed up on a strange island with wolves,dogs,witches,dragons,someone saying... mehr anzeigen

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hey peacedance - what name can I find books you are lending Coral Russell ? A kindle and book author on Amazon - lending now Little Horse Wears Antlers.

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Hi, to find some one who admits to liking food and who is intelectual is rare. I'm a very new member of this site and not a very proficient PC user but hope to improve with use. Love the music background. Am going through a Fantacy reading period. Love Terry Goodkind books, at present reading those by Kim Harrison.

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Hiya. Thankyou for your friend request. This looks like a fab site, a bit daunting too. I hope we can share opinions on the works we come across. Although it may take me a while to read all of your work! lol.

Take care and chat soon! ;-)

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Hi Peacedance,I'm so excited to be part of Bookrix,how nice of you to request me as a friend, I would be honored. I'm so new to this but really looking forward to reading lots of books and making new friends. Thanks again, happyjoy1

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Devil of a Ghost Tour starts out really well!
I just began with this website, still not sure if I should trust it fully but thanks to you I can see it is legit. Thankyou for your friend request, I am beginning to feel very welcome here.

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Thanks for the friends request......I have only been on here 1 day and don't know what is up yet.....any help u can give would be helpful.

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