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Tori, what sweet name you have >=<

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Oh, totally understood ^∆^
So what do you use more than this website?


snapchat or my email

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Can I have em? ^=^

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James Apollon White

Birthday night 26.01.2019

There were all kinds of Subterainians,
At this poet party, Cuba with his
Extroverted self-love, Nadine the naive
Muse, as well as the scale player
Uwe and further,

We smoked pot, heard Bob Marley,
Flowerpornoes or The Doors; Yes
what can one say, still give and nibble,
Until the evening flowed into the night and us
The MASCHNIERIE of the night captured,

With her Dianic face; they were hilarious
And amused about... mehr anzeigen

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Ooo, nice. ^=^

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