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Wichtiger Beitrag

Change, some broken fate
Dim fucking dreams of a Hollywood cage
Perfect, picture-perfect babe
Kingdom may come but look what we made
Slaughter and fuck what comes after
The meaningless madness, maniacal laughter
And what else can you take?
Your hands put together, so holy, you'll hate
Another fucking madman
Another motherfucker with a motherfucking handgun
Come all you weak, come all you wicked
I got some heart, come and get it,... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

I am a lion and I want to be free
Do you see a lion when you look inside of me?
Outside the window just to watch you as you sleep
Cause I am a lion born from things you cannot be
How can I sleep at night, there's a war inside my head?
I found a lion hidden right beneath my bed
I will not hide myself from the tears that you have shed
Cause I am a lion and you are dead

Here's a story of everything we'll ever be
You can hide but some of... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

It's alright
You're ready for the night
Of your life
Stars will shine so bright
They say
We're dancing the stress away
(Hey hey)

This beat
Is underneath your feet
Right now
Together we will meet
This place
Will blow your mind away
(Hey hey)

Welcome to the club now
Gonna pump it up now
This is an emergency
Music is my galaxy

Welcome to the club now
Everybody's up now
We've gotta going on
Until the break of dawn

Welcome to the club now
Gonna pump it... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

(1) Crazy
(2) I'd marry you.
(3) I'd date you.
(4) Sarcastic.
(5) I miss you.
(6) I'd kiss you.
(7) Beautiful.
(8) Smart.
(9) Imaginative.
(10) Random.
(11) Jerk.
(12) Funny.
(13) Awesome.
(14) Amazing.
(15) Tough.
(16) Cute.
(17 I'd hit you with a bus.
(18)I love you.
(19) Weirdo.
(20) Friends forever.
(21) Marry me?
(22) Your mine!
(23) I never want to lose you!
(24) I'd ask you out.
(25) I'd eat you up...
(26) I'd kidnap you...
(27) Flawless!
(28)... mehr anzeigen

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*drops you off and stares*


ttyl... :_(


bye bish, love ya

Wichtiger Beitrag

The secret side of me
I never let you see
I keep it caged
But I can't control it
So stay away from me
The beast is ugly
I feel the rage
And I just can't hold it
It's scratching on the walls
In the closet, in the halls
It comes awake
And I can't control it
Hiding under the bed
In my body, in my head
Why won't somebody come and save me from this?
Make it end!
I feel it deep within,
It's just beneath the skin
I must confess that I feel like a... mehr anzeigen

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Lot's of...?


College stuff


Oh. I'm sorry.

Wichtiger Beitrag

I am the person you bullied at school
I am the person who didn’t know how to be cool
I am the person you alienated
I am the person you ridiculed and hated.
I am the person who sat on her own
I am the person who walked home alone
I am the person you scared every day
I am the person who had nothing to say.
I am the person with hurt in her eyes
I am the person you never saw cry
I am the person living alone with her fears
I am the person... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

like being independent
Not so much of an investment
No one to tell me what to do
I like being by myself
Don't gotta entertain anybody else
No one to answer to...
But sometimes, I just want somebody to hold
Someone to give me the jacket when it's cold
Got that young love even when we're old
Yeah sometimes, I want someone to grab my hand
Pick me up, pull me close, be my man
I will love you till the end
I don't really like big crowds
I tend... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

────(♥)(♥)(♥)────(♥)(♥)(♥) __ ɪƒ ƴσυ'ʀє αʟσηє,
──(♥)██████(♥)(♥)██████(♥) ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɧα∂σѡ.
─(♥)████████(♥)████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ѡαηт тσ cʀƴ,
─(♥)██████████████████(♥) ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɧσυʟ∂єʀ.
──(♥)████████████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ѡαηт α ɧυɢ,
────(♥)████████████(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ρɪʟʟσѡ.
──────(♥)████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ηєє∂ тσ ɓє ɧαρρƴ,
────────(♥)████(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɱɪʟє.
─────────(♥)██(♥) ɓυт αηƴтɪɱє ƴσυ ηєє∂ α ƒʀɪєη∂,
───────────(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ʝυѕт ɓє ɱє

Wichtiger Beitrag

You see that 15 year old girl holding hands with her one year old son you called a slut? She was raped at 13. You see that boy crying you made fun of for being a cry baby? His best friend commited suicide last night. You see that girl that you made fun of for having all those bruises? She is abused by her parents. You see that bald woman you made fun of? She is dying of breast cancer. You see that old man you called ugly? He... mehr anzeigen

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