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Heyy, I have updated my book
'Don't Trust The Rich.' Hope you
have time to read it!

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I would like to give you a look at my first eBook that has done the step from a german book, to the english version. It´s now available on

The title is "The Curse - Touch of eternity"

I would be happy, if you would have a look on the reading sample with the look inside.

A centuries old... mehr anzeigen

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Thank you for the heart on my book! The book consists of true stories of a real boy named Chad with a real girl that he fell in love with(and how). He has a real gay twin brother Brad. The only thing not true is the girl's name.. it was changed. When the book is finished, I will tell who she really is. Thanks again! (I'll read your books later on, I'm checking up on some stuff right now. ;P)

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hi its me lala did u read warriors: the new clan yet? :-(

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