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Mii Ryouma
Mii Ryouma
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Mii Ryouma

Letters to someone ^_^

Maybe more than the half of that journey is already over.
Got to make the rest of it worthy.

Maryam 2019

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Mii Ryouma

No one is gonna take care of you better than u do.

Mii Ryouma

Always take some steps back to see the whole picture. Every detail is important, but not more that the big scene.

Mii Ryouma

Why did slavery exist?
Because some people sold themselves to others willingly.

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Mii Ryouma

8 signs you're an INTROVERT:

1- You enjoy solitude.
2- You are very self-aware.
3- You like to learn by watching.
4- You have a small group of close friends.
5- Being around lots of people drains your energy.
6- You are drawn to jobs that involve independence.
7- Too much stimulation leaves you feeling distracted and unfocused.
8- People often describe you as quiet and may find it difficult to know you.

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Mii Ryouma

I'm not a people person, I lack social skills. But where's the problem?
We can create our perfect piece of heaven inside our heads, and with the few people we interact with them.
Isn't that enough?

For me it is. ^_^

Michael In The Bathroom At A Party

I find this accurate af

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Mii Ryouma

* People who want to talk about books are very welcome on my wall.
* You want to talk about drama and problems in your life, go see a psychologist.
* I do respect everyone, but who can not show respect to others will be immediately blocked.

----------------------------------- Much love,
----------------------------------- Mii Ryouma.

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Gelöschter User

Oh how I wish I could be happy for once?
Can I just escape these chains holding me back?
Let me escape the real world, and go to wonderland.......

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