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Hallo Malachimuccmin,

I see your Profil by Harkamel. I like it very much. And I am the same, learn, study,
the same things you do. I also a Reiki master and teacher too. Which kind of Reiki
do you practise?


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well hello to you too Ancaniera! Well pretty much hands over the body, clearing a persons aura and clearing chakras from blocked energy. I like helping others clear karmic residue. I also do counseling and give chi. I use herbs that can be boiled and put into bath water to... mehr anzeigen

Ancaniera 16

I practice Reiki since eight years. I do it on my own. Only a patient and me, you understand? Clearing karmic residue I have never heard about. How did you call this and what did you do with the persons?


Well it's nothing too deep, holding on to certain types of memories especially painful ones that blocks one from their potential. I use teas that I focus reiki energy on or my hands to remove those blocks, so that one can stop having the same issues going around in circles. I've... mehr anzeigen


can I please have some books titles about this subject ? thanks in advanced <3

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Broken Heart and Self Worth

The heart can’t be broken, that’s pride and lust that creates that illusion. After the relationship is over, a person may feel, I did all of this for you, I sacrificed so much. That’s saying “I gave all of my self-worth to you” “I was willing to make you more important than me” “I did everything you wanted me to do” “You probably will never approve me no matter how much I do and how much I give.” “I... mehr anzeigen

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