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its RoHItH
its RoHItH
its RoHItH ist offline.
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Gelöschter User

Thanks for adding "Run" to your favorites!!
It really means a lot :D

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Nik Hill

hey machaa.......

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its RoHItH

Maamu welcome buddy we ill have a blast here... Good luck


Do you know
That I came to America and I got to have you first thing I do is kiss and consorted with you on a Hawaii beach
This is a message to (keke queen>>>>> Keondra

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Through tears and fights,
Through smiles,
I knew everythingWould be alright,
Through love and hate,
Through betrayal and debate,
For you I would always have faith,
Being your Best friend I knew
This friendship wouldn't end,
By your side I would always stand
And you'll stand by mine too,
Because that's what best friends do,
So no matter what happens with us In life,
Through all of the wrongs
And all of the rights,
I'm here for you to be a... mehr anzeigen

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its RoHItH

Am always behind yew dnn wrry
U are always in mah heart
Never gonna leave u


<3 :D *_*

its RoHItH

Where are you my world
Am waiting here

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I am so sorry... I couldn't come online:(
I was very busy
I'll miss u so much rey
I'm missing u
Take care n Bye

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Gelöschter User

Hey, Thanx for accepting my fr =)
R u from India?

1 Kommentar
its RoHItH

yes south india actually

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