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Marc Batko
Marc Batko
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Marc Batko

Dear Matriots, seekers for an alternative economics and an alternative spirituality,

In Kaspar Hauser by Jacob Wassermann, a town was afflicted by drought, the wells were dry and people became angry and violent until a little boy played so beautifully on his flute that water rose in the wells again. Kaspar Hauser is a cultural symbol of our refractory and resistant nature, our questioning and yearning for authenticity., our... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag
L. Avery Brown

In regards to the message you left in the serious writers discussion group, you have placed your discussion in the wrong thread. It needs to be placed inside the Thread label promotions and advertisements. As such, I, a moderator at serious writers, will need to have you delete the post you have placed and then reposted in the correct place. I ask that you do this within the next half hour. As it is now approximately 5:30 PM... mehr anzeigen

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