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hi My name is.Monica ,
nice to meet you please

contact me here i have something to Share

with you or you can give me your
mail to contact you please

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Yo girly, you should come back here and write tons more!! I remembered this site, and now I'm trying to add more ^.^

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Hey, thanks for checking out my book 'silver stakes' :D If youd like me to tell you when i update it just let me know.
Sal :)

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How did u make a group? I am trying to but the website people say that they cant accept it. ):

Leave me a message on how to.



PS: If you don't know how, just delete this or send me a responce.

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so i have been dating Brian for 3 months its is so awesome first quater of school is already done and i am so happy about that only 3 more to go hahaha

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So I am finally a Senior Thank god last year of high school then I go into the Army to be a Diesal Mechanic. I have a boyfriend that loves me. Then my college is in Chicago to far away from friends but they have the best program =)

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i will love for you to read my series "black rose"..i think you might like it...tell me what you think about it when you do..thanks :)


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