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Isabella Hunter
Isabella Hunter
Isabella Hunter ist offline.


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Hello Isabella,

I have an issue for which I have to delete my account, please write to me on Booksie.
I will tell you how to write credits to me, you'll have to add my portfolio address too. Also, I'd like to know where or which e-book site you'll be uploading one of those book covers, and can you tell me which one you've chosen for your book? Because I might have to use other images for others' books.


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Hi, I have resolved the issue :)


Hope you got my message at Booksie.


You can delete this post, doesn't has to be up here anymore. Also, I'm sorry to say this but you have taken too much time of mine in this book cover process, you should respect other person's time and effort that he or she has put in for you, Ms. Hunter.

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You love Booksie? I know that site ^=^ Oh, and that's a lovely book cover, by the way.

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Yup!! ^=^
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