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My Darkest Desires
James Thomas My Darkest Desires

(A Collection of Erotic Stories)

  • Erotik
  • Englisch
  • 47356 Wörter
  • Ab 16 Jahren
  • 293067
  • 438

Bondage....Dom/sub relationships.....Doctor visits....All that and more in here, and you will not be disappointed by what you read, i assure you.   PLEASE NOTE: While the situations may suggest otherwise, none of these characters are blood related or minors.


Melissa Amondo Juliette
  • Liebe
  • Englisch
  • 13326 Wörter
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  • 661
  • 8

Juliette is an 18 year old girl who wishes to make some friends and start a new life by going away to college. After an extreme workout with her body over the summer, she is beginning to love herself more. She is also ready to experience love and happiness. Will she find... mehr lesen

Stichwörter: college, love, insecurities, friends, weight loss, athlete, love triangle, singer, family, journal, karoke, makeover, cheerleading, basketball, chorus, high school, sex, mind, [mehr]


  • Liebe
  • Englisch
  • 14598 Wörter
  • Ab 16 Jahren
  • 5031
  • 53

Shy Jaide and a troubled pasts haunts present life in high school. She runs into a man who seems to be her teacher but later develops those feelings for no other man other than Mr.Grey


(A/N: Hellur new book? YES! New Story? YES! Same freakin'... mehr lesen

Stichwörter: Love, teacher, student, drugs


I Love My Bestfriend?! Uh-oh II
Alyza I Love My Bestfriend?! Uh-oh II

Mr. and Ms. Popularity

  • Liebe
  • Englisch
  • 1552 Wörter
  • Ab 0 Jahren
  • 9307
  • 305


Love Rolls Around
Tatyana R.J. Jackson Love Rolls Around

rollin love series ( book 1)

  • Liebe
  • Englisch
  • 1317 Wörter
  • Ab 12 Jahren
  • 527
  • 14

Taylinn Jackson has the perfect life.she has everything a teenage girl could want.she's rich, beautiful, smart and popular but heart is anything but golden as she is the schools mean girl and head how did she win the title of mean queen well let me tell... mehr lesen

Stichwörter: love, friendship, bullying, betrayal, lies, handicapped, secrets


midnight hour
K S midnight hour
  • Liebe
  • Englisch
  • 11246 Wörter
  • Ab 0 Jahren
  • 10004
  • 449

Charlotte's best friend is a werewolf, simple. Charlotte being the Alpha's Mate, not simple. Charlotte didn't expect this, but then again she didn't expect werewolves to be real until she met her best friend 10 years ago. Worst of all she is a werewolf, but she didn't know.

Stichwörter: werewolf, love, mates, alpha, soccer!


Seventh Angel
Alex Evans Seventh Angel
  • Liebe
  • Englisch
  • 704 Wörter
  • Ab 0 Jahren
  • 562
  • 32

Colby Keefe and AnnaBeth Wilson


Into The Shadows Chloe
  • Belletristik
  • Englisch
  • 4548 Wörter
  • Ab 16 Jahren
  • 6198
  • 78

“A Chloe is a girl who is amazing and talented but sometimes has a low self-esteem. She may not feel beautiful or hot, but she is the most beautiful and adorable girl you can ever meet.”

Chloe recently moved to a new school. She has no friends. And her shyness doesn't help... mehr lesen

Stichwörter: teen, teenage, girls, girl, cute, shy, hot, innocent, boobs, shower, sleepover, bikini, sex


Nikki Plotner Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

  • Liebe
  • Englisch
  • 2986 Wörter
  • Ab 0 Jahren
  • 14442
  • 403

Taaron and Lyla start their life as a family, while things arouse with the rouge pack.What is going to happen in this sequeal, read and find out.

Stichwörter: Love, werewolves, baby, kidnapping


Beautiful Nightmare series: The story of the Unbreed
Ashon Thadon Beautiful Nightmare series: The story of the Unbreed

The Omega wants to be the Alpha

  • Fantasy
  • Englisch
  • 3186 Wörter
  • Ab 3 Jahren
  • 473
  • 16

There's a new breed of monster that has emerged. He has the thirst of a vampire, the look of a wolf and a black soul like a demon. He is destined to be the first of his kind but first he needs the one thing, a child that Death forgot

Stichwörter: vampire, werewolf, danger, secrecy, demons, fantasy, heroes, immortals, unbreed


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